About us

Who we are:

A bilingual social enterprise based in Ottawa that focuses primarily on the creation of artistic and use of technologies such as 3D printers, lasers for modeling wood, sewing and foam. We mainly do custom work to offer programs for youth 14 to 30 years old. Also we love target projects on the creation of costumes and props for conventions (Anime, Com-icon and etc), Video games, Larp and etc.

Our approach:

Using the 7 values of the first nation and the community.


Strengthen the bonds and sense of belonging to a "geek" community and prevent isolation and give a guideline for some young people who feel lost. Using a first nations approach, 7 values, community and groups.


Gather an already existing community with a strong demand to meet. Give them a place to feel accepted, value, learn and exchange talent.


  1. Programs & Courses

  2. Cosplay Creation

  3. Foam Armour, Sword and Shield Creation

  4. 2D and 3D Design

  5. 3D Printer

  6. Vinyl Cutting

  7. Pins

  8. Indigenous Artisan

  9. Larp

  10. Leather Work

  11. Laser Design

  12. Robotic & Programming

Up Coming Events!!!

All product are custom made if we don't have it email at alexdp@geekyourselfout.ca for a quote anything is possible!!!

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